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COMMERCIAL DIVING SERVICES When you need work done underwater

Commercial Diving

We do undertake other types of underwater work on a commercial basis, these are as follows:

  • Cleaning Tasks, including Hull Cleaning
  • Underwater Maintenance and Repairs
  • Site Clearance
  • Lifting and Moving objects
  • Search and Recovery
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Salvage
  • Anode replacement
  • Underwater Photography and survey

Commercial Diving Rates

The minimum charge for Dive Jervis Bay to undertake these duties is $400 which is a call out fee and covers initial scoping, site and safety survey and initial report or quote (if required) for any works. If the job is completed in under two hours, then only the $400 is payable.



Single Diver

Additional Divers

Support Boat

Call out fee and first 2-hours

$ 400

$ 350

$ 550

Per hour (or part thereof) after the first 2 hours

$ 175


$ 250

All times are taken from Huskisson (Start) to Huskisson (Finish).

Any disposable items that are required to conduct the work or maintenance such as anodes, service kits, ropes, chains, tools or floats that are provided by us to your specifications and provided for the job will also be charged back to the client on the final invoice.

All invoices are 7 days unless by prior arrangement.



We do not carry out the following tasks

  • Major Construction work including welding
  • Work in or around underwater plant or machinery
  • Diving in any other liquids except for water
  • Confined space work or inspections
  • HAZMAT Diving
  • Certification of items durability or strength
  • Work below 40m or requiring decompression



We do not provide any insurance, warrenty or coverage for any claims based on the works undertaken, the durability of the works are completely at the clients risk and will be carried out to the specifications agreed with the client in the scope of works before undertaking the works.

For example when completing an underwater survey of a mooring, we will provide the client with a complete video or photos of what we found and of the items, their condition and surrounding area as agreed. We do not however provide any commentary on the items durability and the client must make the decision if the items are fit for purpose or not.

Please check your invoice for the scope of works and complete terms and conditions of us undertaking the work.

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