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How to Use Ezidebit for Purchases

So you have signed up? Now what? 

You are now Club Member you have arranged to pay off your membership through an EZIDEBIT purchase plan.

If you have no idea what's happening here, go to "the NEW Husky Diver Club" page or just skip that and sign up on the "Club joining instructions" page. 


How to use your membership to pay for boats and courses.

Things to remmeber:

  • Please use the same email that you used to sign up for the ezidebit account when you sign up for the wesbite.

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Generally we do not offer either Dive Credit or 'major' discounts on purchases made through Ezidebit. This is because we are covering the interest and supplier costs that are payable and we are taking the risk on you

Additionally the maximum time that we will allow for paying off items is 12 months. 

Your quote will detail the terms that we are setting up to pay off the items.

Generally on items over $1000 we will split the payments weekly over 12 months (52 payments). You are responsible for all Ezidebit fees and charges.

Items under $1000 can be made in 4 payments, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If you fail to make the payments, a $25 fee will be payable to Ezidebit, we cannot control this. If your circumstances change, please come and see us regarding your on-going situation, we are always willing to talk.

 The Dive Crew.