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LIFE MEMBERSHIP Husky Diver Life Membership

Husky Diver Life Membership

Diving is a community and is one of the main aims that we are trying to build here at Dive Jervis Bay. So we have instigated the Life Membership program in order to recognise those people who are an integral part of our community here in Husky. Generally there are three ways to become a Life Member and earn your place here amoungst the Jervis Bay diving community.

Firstly if you are a consistent part of our community, you undertake or perform extra duties above and beyond those expected of our divers such as helping us with images, organising things that we dont have time for, or generally helping out with the business  then we may recognise you by making you a life member.

Alternatively if you complete a Master Divers program with us, do all five specialities through us and gain the PADI Master Diver award.

Or finally if we want to recognise you for your diving achievements either here in Jervis Bay or more generally to the diving community then we may recognise you by making you a Life Member.

Becoming a Life Member means that you have a reduced diving rate, getting on a boat is cheaper, you also in a lot of ways treated as Staff including exclusive invitations to specific events. 

We will always fill your tanks for free, one with air and one with Nitrox. We want to look after you and keep you safe.

And finally you are welcome at any dive event that we organise for free.

Being a Life Member of the Husky Divers is an achievement, it is recognition for your hard work and service to the Jervis Bay Diving community, and our way of saying thanks.

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