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We are committed to doing everything that is reasonably practicable as a Dive Centre to reduce the risks of exposure to COVID-19 for our staff and customers.

If you are unsure if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms before going diving or coming to the shop, please use this Online Tool


Our Expectations of All Divers:

  • Divers must not attend if they are sick at all or have flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath). If you are sick we will transfer your dive trip to a Gift Certificate with a 3 year expiry at no charge.
  • Divers must notify the shop before the trip departure time if they cannot attend due to sickness – we are waiving all restrictions on the transferal of trips for illness except that we need notification before departure.
  • While waiting and gearing up, customers should avoid physical contact and maintain at least 1.5 metres distance from staff and other people, only 4 customers can be in the store at one time.
  • Each diver is responsible for making sure physical distancing is observed at all times where possible in the shop and on boats, avoid handshakes (or any other close physical contact), gear yourselves up and conduct checks without physical contact from others if possible.
  • When diving with us you are required to:
    • sit in your assigned seat and not sit close to people from other household groups to maintain social distancing requirements
    • handle your own equipment, especially on return from a dive trip, break items down and put them in the wash tubs so our staff do not have to handle them.
    • Take any hire wetsuits up to the shop and place them in the wash tub.

Your assistance in complying with these measures is required to protect our staff and other divers and allow for continual diving operations. You are reminded however that if required by weather or an emergency, you are to comply with directions of the Dive Crew and that immediate safety concerns may override social distancing requirements.

Other Actions That We Are Taking:

  • Provide all Dive Crew with information about the risks of exposure to COVID-19 and consult with them to help build commitment to any changes designed to keep them and our customers safe.
  • Provide clear direction and guidance about what is expected (Dive Crew and Customers have a duty to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and to not adversely affect the health and safety of others).
  • Provide advice to customers to self-screen prior to attending the shop, and allow refunds (with a $100 administration fee) and moving trips or providing gift certificates (at no charge) right up to departure time if a person believes they are unwell.
  • Allowing refunds or transfer of a trip to anyone who has been advised to isolate or have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19.
  • Ensuring that all rental diving equipment is thoroughly cleaned in a 10% bleach solution and fully disinfected between uses.
  • Providing alcohol-based wipes for customers who desire to further clean their gear as well as alcohol hand sanitiser at all locations.
  • Staff are required to use surface cleaners on frequently touched surfaces, for example tanks, door handles and rails, counters and retail spaces, buttons, electronic devices including payment terminal and any workplace amenities.
  • We are reducing passenger numbers to a maximum of 8 passengers on Wanderer to allow for social distancing of 1.5m between each passenger.
  • There will be allocated seating, and divers need to stay in their allocated zone where possible.
  • We will only be providing hot drinks, all containers are to be placed into the bucket when finished.

For More Information:

You can also check out the EPA's diving safety manual for its guidelines on decontaminating scuba equipment.

If you would like any further information on what you need to do and steps that you may individually take as a diver, please contact RiskMitigation@DAN.org.