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Its time to GO PRO

  • Do you have a deep and abiding passion for scuba diving? 
  • Thinking about what are your next steps for work?
  • Want to share it with others on a whole new level?
  • Thinking of combining your passion into a job?


Take the PADI Divemaster course and do what you love to do as a career.

Scuba divers look up to divemasters because they are leaders who mentor and motivate others. As a divemaster, you not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others have as much fun diving as you do. As a PADI Divemaster you can work anywhere in the world doing what you love and being paid for it. It is an opportunity to do what you love, travel and is the first step to making a career in the Dive Industry.

The Difference of our PADI Divemaster Course

logoOur course is designed to prepare you to work in the Dive Industry. Being a Dive Master should be viewed as a job, just the same as any other career, you are paid for what you do. You recieve additional skills, knowledge and competancies in order to work and be recognised for your work through Pay.

You may just be looking for part-time work to fund your addiction to Diving, or you may be thinking of making it your career, going all the way to Course Director, or getting your DM and travelling...either way being a Dive Master is a job and you need to understand the work that is involved. This takes longer than two weeks, and additionally, to make you as employable as possible, you need to understand how a Dive Centre works.

Much of your training with us is self-paced so you can do it within your lifestyle, work commitments and family. Working under the direct supervision of our Instructor Team you will complete the tasks required to become a PADI Dive Master and work in the Dive Industry.

How Does It Work?

You can enroll in our DM Program at any time, we do not have any specific start dates, it begins as soon as you are ready. On starting your candidature you will recieve a Dive Master Candidate pack which includes all the PADIJumping In Training Aids as well as a task book from us that you work through under the direct supervision of our Instructors in order to build the skills required to be a Dive Master.

You will be working directly with customers and students to build your skills so that on completion you have actual experience in the Dive Industry.

You have up to 12 months to complete your training from starting your candidture, though most students take on Average around 3 months to complete their tasks.

During that time you will work on boats, as a DM on courses and other activities to gain experience.

We will also work with you to prepare you for employment in the Dive Industry, boosting your skills in other areas that are needed by employers such as Retail Sales, Gear Maintenance, Compressor Use and Deckhand Skills.

What you learn?

Divemasters WantedDuring the PADI Divemaster program, you learn dive leadership through both classroom and independent study. From a practical view point, you complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your ability to organize and solve problems as well as help others improve their scuba skills. With Dive Jervis Bay you put this knowledge into action through a structured internship program with actual customers, not just in a practice environment.

In addition to the other skills that are required by PADI, we expect you to do the following as a minimum with us as a Dive Master Candidate (DMC).

  • Complete your training working directly with customers in a professional manner ready to commence as a qualified Dive Master.
  • As a candidate complete 30 dives minimum working with an instructor to boost your practical skills, learning and taking part in: planning, equipment assembly, loading boats site assessment and other practical work-related tasks.
  • Undertake the duties of a deckhand on the boats to gain practical experience on the boats.
  • Work on courses with actual students to develop your skills and build up your knowledge on student safety and dealing with students.
  • Work as a DMC with an Instructor on DSD’s, if you wish, you can complete your “DSD internship” to undertake confined water DSD’s with clients by yourself. This involves managing and conducting a minimum of four other DSD’s under an instructors direct supervision and an additional fee and application to PADI.
  • Demonstrate complete mastery of your in-water dive skills, including leading Deep Dives (Below 18m), Rescue Skills, Search and Recovery, Site Management, Navigation and Dive Preperation; after all you are qualifying as a Dive Master.

Overall have fun with this time, diving is our passion, it is why we are here, and it should be yours. It is also why the customer is here, they want to see that you are happy, professional and most of all safe to dive with.

This is essential in the dive business and expected from your future employers.

What we will give you?

The PADI Divemaster crewpak includes:

DM Gear

  • PADI Divemaster Manual
  • Divemaster slates
  • PADI Instructor Manual
  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving - a comprehensive overview of diving physics, physiology, and equipment
  • Scuba Tune-up Guidebook
  • PADI Professional Log
  • DSD Cue Cards
  • PADI Pro Bag
  • PADI Divemaster Application package

You also have the option to take Divemaster Online, though we ususally prefer to do it through a book for your future reference.


To take this course, you must be:

  • 18 years old
  • A PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organisation)
  • A PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organisation)
  • An Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another organisation) course completion within the past 24 months.
  • Have at least 40 dives to begin the course and 60 for certification
  • Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement (PDF) signed by a physician within the last 12 months.


  Course Course Type Places Available   Price    
DMC 2021 Dive Master 10 AU$ 2124.15