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One weekend per month, we have our instructors set aside to run specialist programs. Because a lot of these programs are run in small groups or even singularly, the specialty weekends are organised together so that divers with similar skill levels and interests can all come in together and meet each other. 

All diving (except for confined water) is organised off our boats so that you can have the best experience possible.

A standard example of a Specialist Package is as follows, though there may be some changes depending on your course.

  1. You receive either the online learning or home learning package.
  2. Arrive Day 1 to meet your instructor, and do your class theory
  3. Spend the afternoon diving, and maybe night diving if its happening
  4. Day 2 head out on the boat in the morning to complete your diving
  5. Do your final exams and paperwork

Generally, all our specialist programs are run over a weekend, however if this does not suit you or your group, we can make adjustments to when the programs are run depending on instructor availability.

If you are doing a Tec or other multi day program, we generally split the course over 2 weekends.

We recommend when you are doing these programs staying in the Dive Flat so that you can hang out with the other divers who are doing their speciality programs.