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SWIM WITH THE WHALES Snorkel and swim with Whales in the South Coast of NSW

The Price for a trip on a dedicated Whale Swim boat is $185 including all gear and refreshments - this is 4 hours hour trip. 


Soon you can scuba with the seals, see the Port Jackson Migration, what the Giant Cuttlefish and then Swim with the Whales on the same day...all in the Jervis Bay Marine Park.

The Whale Migration runs from April to July with the whales heading North. While the whales are heading north they are focused on getting to the warmer waters to breed and give birth.

They start to return from Mid August to the end of November the whales return to Antartica, while heading South they are more relaxed and take their time. PEAK SEASON for whale watching and swiming is September to the end of October.

We are fully compliant with the requirements of the Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching 2017 and the NSW Biodiversity Regulation 2017. Our approval is for a trial of the concept this year and is limited to 10 people per day.

It is widely understood that most Cetacea are curious and intelligent, and will sometimes approach boats and divers to see what they are and what they are doing. Last year alone we had four interactions with Whales Underwater.

Snorkelling with the whales is undertaken with the following provisions:

  • You must be able to confidently swim over 200m and be positively bouyant at all times
  • We will not guarantee that participants will be able to snorkel with the whales, it will be totally up to the whales to approach the swimmers / Snorkelers
  • The boat will approach under power no closer than 150m to any whale, drops will be conducted 300m from the whales, the whales must make the trip the rest of the way.
  • Snorkelers must stay within the area with the Dive Master at all times, and obey any instructions that they are given
  • Whales are not to be approached or dived at, snorkelers must remain a minimum of 30m away and actively swim away if any whale approaches them closer than 6m.
  • If there is any signs of distress, tail slapping or breaching within 30m all snorkelers must return to the boat immediately.

Be aware that this is a deep water activity.

Trips may either be part of an exsisting dive trip or a specified boat depending on conditions and circumstances. The trip may be cancelled at any time due to safety or other concerns. As with all diving activities are weather dependant, and we may have to restrict or cancel the activity depending on what we find out there.

 While in the water you must not:

a) Touch, feed or interfere with the natural behaviour of Humpback Whales

b) Chase or harass whales, or interrupt their swimming patterns

c) Intentionally enter the water with any cetacean species other than Humpback Whales

d) Enter the water in groups of more than 10 snorkelers

e) Spend any more than 30 minutes cumulative time daily with a specific individual or pod

f) Use additional mechanical apparatus including but not limited to scooters and horns.

g) Breach compliance with any obligations under provisions of the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017.

The Boats below are dedicated Whale Swimming Boats and will spend the time out looking for whales. All trips are weather dependant.