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USING E-LEARNING ON YOUR COMPUTER Having an Issue Check this guide out

Accessing the Product on a Computer

1. After purchasing your PADI eLearning® course, look for an email from padidiver@padi.com. If you don’t see this email, check in your spam or promotions folders.

2. Select the link in the email to redeem your product. Please note that once redeemed, the sale is final and Dive Jervis Bay will not refund the theory portion of your course.

3. Sign in using your existing PADI® Account or for first time users, create a new account using your email address and a password.

4. Select your preferred language. Once a language has been selected it can’t be changed.

5. Select your course and click on the View Course button.

6. Follow the instructions for accessing your product from your computer.

Then follow the steps below....

• Be sure your browser is updated to the most current version. For proper function, only use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

• If you are returning to access your product from your computer, visit padi.com and select eLearning for Students from the Sign In menu, and log in using your PADI Account.

• Select your course, click on the View Course button, and select the for computers link. The first time, you will be asked to log in to the PADI LibraryTM using your PADI Account.

• Select the course by tapping or clicking the banner. Once inside, start with the Introduction section.

• Look for directional cues to help you navigate within each subsection. 

• Use the  button at the bottom of each section/ subsection to advance through the course material.

• If your product contains videos, select Play and watch the entire video before moving forward.

• After selecting the button at the end of each section, enter the email address you used to create your PADI Account. Entering an invalid email address will result in scores not being captured, and you’ll have to complete the Knowledge Review again. To secure your results, you will also be asked to enter your email address before taking the Quizzes and Final Exam (where applicable).

• Open Water Diver eLearning students MUST successfully complete the Knowledge Review at the end of each section before taking the Quiz.

•  After completing the Knowledge Review, Open Water Diver eLearning students must select the             button before moving forward. Not doing so results in an incomplete eRecord and you’ll have to retake the Quiz.

•  Open Water Diver eLearning students MUST successfully complete each Quiz before moving on to the next section.

•  For Open Water Diver eLearning students, we do want you to complete the RDP table section. This section can be found at the end of Section Five and is labeled Planning Dives with Tables.

•  To complete your eLearning, you must be connected to the internet to submit your scores from the Assessment Summary section. You will have to to enter your email address from your log in credentials for the scores (Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes, Exams) to be sent.

•  Use the Assessment Summary section located at bottom of the course content page to review your scores and ensure they were successfully submitted.

•  You will receive a completion email after every Knowledge Review, Quiz, and Final Exam. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, go to the Assessment Summary section to check the status.

•  After completing and submitting your Final Exam (if applicable), you will receive an email with your eRecord attached. You may also access your eRecord using the link in the email you received after registering your product, and logging in with your PADI Account. 

•  Once you complete all sections, print out your eRecord, add it to your paperwork and bring it with you on Day 1

Remember YOU MUST complete your E-Learning theory before commencing your practical portion of the course, otherwise your instuctor may not allow you to dive and you will have to pay to re-schedule.