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Ex Instructor - Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit

Dive Jervis Bay

Ex Instructor - Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit

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Ex-Instructor Gear, reconditioned and ready to go. 12 months old...

1 Only - XL

This drysuit includes the Hybid Mesh and is the top of the line in Drysuits.

It is an insulated and constant volume drysuit complete with winter and artic 3D mesh inner lining, or take the mesh out to operate as a normal bag suit (Hense the Hybid Nature) it also has twin velcro pokets, hard boots and toughned lined trilaminate. All seals are new and replaceable, boots fit upto size 11.

Retail Price for a new D1 Hybrid is $3750 so this drysuit is less than half price.

Why are we selling it? Our DiveTeam upgrade there gear annually and as a result we need to off load our old equipment, when you buy ex-instructor gear it is all serviced and looked after and you know it is the best, we also provide a limited 12 month warranty on materials and service.


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