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Oceanic Pioneer 5/7mm Wetsuit


Oceanic Pioneer 5/7mm Wetsuit

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At all times one can expect something special from the Pioneer-series. The demands on our developers and designers are extremely high because we want this series to stand for the homage on the pioneers of diving.

For the new Pioneer suit only the best materials were used. An example is the new, extremely elastic HyFlex Neoprene with 5 mm that stands not only for an excellent wearing comfort but also for the lamination with unique haptics. This is where one can "feel” the difference to other diving suits. An integrated, 2 mm thick, highly flexible neoprene-shirt offers underwater an extra isolation as well as an optimal protective measure against sunburn, for example during the boat trip to the diving location.

One of further highlights of the Pioneer diving suit is the through-out collar that prevents the water seeping-in almost completely, even when moving the head. The seams are provided with a special liquid rubber to seal the seam additionally and to protect it on a long-term basis against damages without reducing the mobility in any kind of way. The anatomical cut with just a few seams guarantees durability and is highly watertight. The Pioneer diving suit fits like a second skin. These and a lot more features make the Pioneer Diving Suit to a companion with an extremely wide using spectrum including unequalled comfort and a maximal freedom to move. The classical-modern look in black with very decent applications in white and blue emphasises impressively the general impression of the Pioneer Overalls and creates an alliance between diving suits and fashion design for the first time.

The Pioneer Diving Suit combines decades of experiences whether of enthusiastic divers, ambitious designers or the world’s best neoprene-developers, faithfully after the motto: FUTURE INNOVATIONS ARE BASED ON THE PAST.

  • Highly elastic HyFlex neoprene
  • Anatomical 3-D cut
  • Reduced stitchings
  • Covered back zipper
  • Double Seal Neck
  • Flip Seals in arms
  • Flip Seals in legs
  • Stitching elastically vulcanized

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