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Dive Jervis Bay

Freediving or Snorkelling Adventure

AU$ 135.00

Come out on the boat for a 4 to 5 hour adventure or as a passenger.

Tired of the shore, well you can come with us and come out to one of the many deeper sites in Jervis Bay. The boat will generally head out to two different locations, you can hit the water under the direction and supervision of the boats skipper who will keep an eye on you at all times. Then start exploring...there is lots to see.

Or for an extra $175 you can have your own personal Dive Master as a tour guide.

In the deeper water you can have large rays, Port Jackson sharks and the larger marine life all swimming under you. Kick your fins and glide down for a closer look.

You must be able to swim competently and be comfortable in the open water. The boat will take you to a location that suits snorkelling, however be aware that the boat will also have scuba divers on it who will head to deeper waters. There is no guarentee that there will be an in-water guide with you. If you feel that you need one please select the Personal Dive Master option from the drop down menu.