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Dive Jervis Bay

Advanced/Deep Boat

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Are you an Advanced or Above Diver looking to go somewhere different?

We run Advanced boats at least once a month that will take you to some of the deeper and more advanced sites including the Governor’s Wall, Spider Cave, the Cathedral, The Labyrinth or Point Perp Swim Throughs.

These boats will not cater to inexperienced divers, you may be required to do live drops, deeper dives, night dives or similar as decided. Advanced diving skills is mandatory. Dive locations will depend on conditions and what people want to do however we will do our best to take you somewhere different from the everyday.

Advanced Diving Boats will spend a little longer out, hense the additional cost, depending on what everybody wants, they may also do three dives, or the divers may have a Deco requirement depending on the boat and you individual dive plan. Basically you can feel free to explore and not have a maximum dive time (within reason).

The list of boats below are all advanced boats, Night diving boats will depend on minimum numbers. Hit the (+) symbol to check the departure time and remember to be at the Dive Shop 45mins early for check in.

Come and dive something different at one of the many Advanced sites in the Jervis Bay Marine Park.

Need ACCOMMODATION...We have a dive flat right above the shop, book in to make a weekend of it.

Sorry, we don't have any dates available at the moment for this trip. Contact us and we'll try to accommodate you.

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